Thursday, 11 October 2018

GGI2017 lectures now available on YouTube

Last year, we had a great line-up of speakers and topics for GGI2017. The 3-day event (20-22 Oct 2017) had the largest audiences yet, but as the lecture area was in the main hall of the exhibition centre, the sound quality of the recordings of the lectures was less than optimal.

Nevertheless, with a bit of technical massaging, the audio has been manipulated to be as good as it can possibly be and on some of the videos it is reasonably okay (despite the background noise).

The entire collection of GGI2017 videos is now online

All of the videos (15 in total) are going online en masse today (11 Oct 2018) and you can view them on the Genetic Genealogy Ireland YouTube Channel.

For ease of reference, here is a list of the videos. To view a lecture, simply click on the speaker's name.

Academic Topics
Prof Gisli Palsson ... Icelandic Roots & Identities: genealogies, DNA, & personal names
Prof Hannes Schroeder ... The Genetics of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade
Prof Dan Bradley ... Prehistoric genomes at the Atlantic Edge

Y-DNA Topics
Dave Vance ... Family Trees with SAPP
Margaret Jordan ... Y-chromosome DNA & the Ireland Y-DNA Project
John Cleary ... Using SNP testing to build out your genealogical family tree - the Big Y & recent developments
Maurice Gleeson ... What do your Y-DNA results mean?

Autosomal DNA Topics
Roberta Estes ... Autosomal DNA through the generations
Roberta Estes ... Autosomal Tips & Tools at FamilyTreeDNA
Paddy Waldron ... Matchmaking in Clare using Y-DNA and atDNA
Donna Rutherford ... Autosomal DNA Testing for Beginners
Debbie Kennett ... Making the Most of Autosomal DNA

Other Topics
Peter Sjölund ... The Power of Mitochondrial DNA
Michelle Leonard ... DNA is dynamite - how to ignite your ancestral research
Ann Marie Coghlan ... Introducing DNA for Family Research

Maurice Gleeson
11 Oct 2018

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