Friday, 2 October 2015

Low Cost DNA Tests at GGI2015

FTDNA is offering DNA Tests at special low prices for BTOP

Not only are FamilyTreeDNA sponsoring this years DNA Lectures (as they have done for the past two years), but they are also offering specially low prices for their DNA tests at Back to Our Past  And for anyone who swabs at the event, you won't need to pay shipping costs either (usually 8.85 euro), so it is a double saving.

Here are the special offers at this year's event:

  • Family Finder (atDNA)   79 euro*    ($88, usual price $99)
  • Y-DNA-37    116 euro*    ($129, usual price $169)
  • Y-DNA-67    214 euro*    ($238, usual price ($268)
  • Full Mitochondrial Sequence    152 euro*    ($169, usual price $199)
  • The Big Y   438 euro*    ($488.75, usual price $575)
  • FTDNA are also offering a 15% discount off any upgrade, so if you are thinking of upgrading from Y-DNA-37 to Y-DNA-67, now would be a perfect chance to do so.
*euro prices are approximate due to fluctuating exchange rates. Customers will be charged in US dollars.

Currently the cheapest atDNA test on the market?

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  1. I wish they could find a way to extend this offer to those of Irish descent who can't be at the gathering! I really want to do the mtDNA test, but I am wavering over the $199.... if it were $169, I would not hesitate (even if paying shipping).