Sunday, 24 September 2017

ISOGG Day Out 2017

Once again, Gerard Corcoran (ISOGG Ireland Representative) has organised a fantastic agenda for our traditional ISOGG Day Out on the Monday after the conference (i.e. Monday Oct 23rd). This year we are visiting the two major universities in Dublin - Trinity College & University College. The agenda includes tours of their respective DNA Laboratories as well as the Irish Folklore Commission and some Ancient Irish Manuscripts.

Places are limited to only 20 people and the GGI2017 speakers and volunteers on the FTDNA stand get first pick. Any places left available after that will be available on a first-come first served basis to ISOGG members. If you would like to be considered for a place among the Lucky 20, please leave your details in the comments section below. There may be some future changes to the agenda (due to unforeseen circumstances) but such changes are not currently anticipated.

Trinity College Dublin - Campus Visit
9:00 Assemble at the Front Gates (position 2, on the left in the map below)
Guided Tour of Campus by Trinity Tours. The tour will cover the following points of interest:
1. Front gates
2. Parliament Square
3. Library Square
4. Campanile
5. Fellows Square
6. Old Library
7. Book of Kells
8. Botany Bay
9. New Square
10. College Park
11. Science Gallery
12. Beyond 2022, The Virtual Records Memory
13. Smurfit Institute of Genetics

12.00 Quick lunch in the University restaurant or a nearby cafe

12:30 Transfer to University College Dublin Belfield Campus (either by taxi or 46A bus)

14:00 Assemble at Ardmore House (4, in section 8C below, beside the Car Park)

(click to enlarge)
The guided tour will include the following points of interest:
1. Ardmore House
2. Newman Building
3. Irish Folklore Collection
4. UCD Special Collections
5. UCD Archives
6. UCD Science Center
7. Insight Center for Data Analytics
8. UCD Conway Institute
9. Ancient DNA Lab
10. Genomics Medicine Ireland
Detailed Agenda

14:00 ... Greeted on arrival at Ardmore House Carpark by John Barry, Director of Major Strategic Partnerships

14:00 ... Walk to UCD Newman Building, F001 - F005

14:05 ... Irish Folklore Collection, with Críostoír Mac Cárthaigh (F001 - F005 Newman Building)

14:25 ... Walk to UCD James Joyce Library

14:30 ... Ancient Irish Manuscripts from the UCD Library Special Collections, with Evelyn Flanagan & Kate Manning (UCD Archives)

14:50 ... Refreshments at UCD Library

15:20 ... Walk to UCD O’Brien Centre for Science

15:30 ... Ron Pinhasi Ancient DNA Lab (3rd Floor, Science Centre)

15:50 ... Insight Centre for Data Analytics, with Peter Fitzpatrick (3rd Floor, Science Centre)

16:10 ... Walk to UCD Conway Building

16:15 ... Genomics Medicine Ireland, with Dr. Sean Ennis

See this link for more information ...

18:00 Transfer to City Center

19:00 Dinner KaShing, 12a Wicklow Street (yellow star in the bottom left below)

And a very sincere thank you to our sponsors for the ISOGG Day Out 2017 ...

LivingDNA offer a single test that covers Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA & autosomal DNA. Their "population admixture" tool incorporates data from the People of the British Isles Project. You can read Debbie Kennett's blog post about the company here.

Toolbox Genomics is a company that analyses your DNA results and makes diet & lifestyle recommendations that may help reduce your risk of chronic conditions


  1. I would certainly like to join you if you have a spare space.

    1. You are on the waiting list, Jill. I'll email you.

  2. Maurice, Please include me for the Day Out. I've arranged to stay a day later anticipating that I might be able to join Gerald's fantastic efforts to host an ISOGG follow on day.

    1. You are on the waiting list, Jim. I'll email you.

  3. I would really appreciate being included.It sounds like a marvellous
    I attended the program last year, very well organised.

    1. I'll put your name down on the waiting list, Gráinne, but I won't know until early next week if you have made it. Maybe you could drop me an email (

    2. Hi Grainne, hopefully you get this (I don't have your email address). Please do come along to the ISOGG Day Out next Monday - it would be great to have you join us.

  4. I really enjoyed being present at last year's conference. Distance precludes me being there again this year, but perhaps next year I can make the trip again. I am sure Maurice and his helpers will make for another extremely successful GGI. Wish I was there with you all.

    1. Hopefully see you next year, Dennis. I'll be "down-under" in June so maybe see you then. :-)

  5. I too would like to join if you have a spare space! Last year was great.

    1. I'll put your name on the list Joe and let you know next week. Best, Maurice