Thursday, 16 November 2017

Presentations from GGI2017 live-streamed on Facebook

Another successful conference! And our largest audiences yet - it seems that the interest in genetic genealogy just gets bigger each year. DNA has certainly revived traditional genealogy and is attracting a whole new generation to this fascinating hobby. We had much larger audiences in the DNA Lectures than attended the traditional genealogy lectures.

A big thank you to the entire team at FamilyTreeDNA for yet again sponsoring the activities of the international genetic genealogy community. Without their support we would not be here. As far as genetic genealogy is concerned, FTDNA has put the "citizen" into "citizen science".

Packed audience at GGI2017 - our largest yet. Up to 150 at each talk.

And another big thank you has to go to all the ISOGG volunteers on the FTDNA stand and to our wonderful array of speakers this year. Many of the talks were live-streamed on Facebook thanks to Gerard Corcoran, our technical wizard, and links to each of them are included below. You will have to join the Genetic Genealogy Ireland Facebook group to access them.

Academic Topics
Prof Gisli Palsson ... Icelandic Roots & Identities: genealogies, DNA, & personal names (388 views)
Prof Hannes Schroeder ... The Genetics of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade (364)

Y-DNA Topics
Dave Vance ... Family Trees with SAPP (377 views)
Margaret Jordan ... Y-chromosome DNA & the Ireland Y-DNA Project (710)
John Cleary ... Using SNP testing to build out your genealogical family tree - the Big Y & recent developments (456)
James Irvine ... Surname DNA Projects - a holistic approach (572)
Maurice Gleeson ... What do your Y-DNA results mean? (825)

Autosomal DNA Topics
Roberta Estes ... Autosomal DNA through the generations (499 views)
Roberta Estes ... Nine autosomal tools at FamilyTreeDNA & how to use them (608)
Paddy Waldron ... Matchmaking in Clare using Y-DNA and atDNA (699)
Donna Rutherford ... Autosomal DNA Testing for Beginners (590)
Maurice Gleeson ... Using Triangulation to break through your Irish Brick Wall (508)

Other Topics
Peter Sjölund ... The Power of Mitochondrial DNA (378 views)
Michelle Leonard ... DNA is dynamite - how to ignite your ancestral research (427)
Ask the Experts Panel Discussion ... addressing some of the hot topics in genetic genealogy (434)

The videos were also recorded on my laptop and these recordings will go up to the Genetic Genealogy Ireland YouTube channel over the course of the next several weeks so watch out for announcements on Facebook as each one becomes available. They will have better audio than the livestream.

The next BTOP event is BTOP Belfast 2018. This will be held in the replica ballroom of the Titanic Centre (Friday & Saturday 16-17 Feb). The DNA Lecture schedule is almost finalised and will be announced in the next few weeks. There will also be tours of the sets of Game of Thrones (which is filmed in and around Belfast) and details will be posted shortly.

Goodbye Dublin, Hello Belfast !

Maurice Gleeson
Nov 2017

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