Genealogy Shows & Gatherings

Throughout the year, there will be a variety of events of interest to anyone doing Irish family tree research. At many of these events you will find some of the avid DNA Project Administrators who make up Ireland's advance guard of genetic genealogists. Below is a summary of the Conferences, Meetings, Shows, Exhibitions, Gatherings & Rallies that are taking place in the not too distant future.  Any events with a "DNA presence" are marked with an asterisk* beside the date.

If you know of any events that are not on the list, why not leave a comment below with details and a weblink so that I can update the list accordingly.


Conferences & Meetings, Shows & Exhibitions

Family Gatherings & Clan Rallies

* there will be a DNA presence at this event.

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  1. Hello I am particularly interested in finding out about DNA genealogy. I have the father of my children whose YDNA matches no one at all. I also have a group started up of up to third cousins (with paperwork as well as dna) trying to find three family lines through our mutual great grandfather/great grandmother and great x2 grandfather/great x2 grandmother. I am using Gedmatch, but could certainly use help.
    I am also willing to help out at one of the genealogical desks if help is needed.
    When it come to straight genealogical research, I am at a good intermediate stage.
    regards Aofie